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M PLATE Stabilizer
More cutting points for better balance. Smaller and shorter plate is easier to get into ground. "Power Ridge" provides extra strength for as much or more resistance than traditional plates. More resistance concentrated at the top of the anchor, so plate performs as good or better than traditional plates even though it is smaller. Meets all state requirements except FL, so can replace traditional stabilizer plates. Average installation in 1/3 the time of traditional plates. 7"H x 12"W. Sold in pkgs of 8.
Plate - M Stabilizer HP (Qty 8) 120188 $58.24
Prevents anchors from becoming loose by cutting through the soil when heavy winds occur. Required in most anchor installations. Also see Instructions.
Plate - (17") GLV. OTMSP1 $14.18
Plate - (11") Ptd. OTMSP2P $  7.72
Auger Anchor Stabilizer Cap replaces standard stabilizer plates, and can be used in class 2,3 or 4A soils. The cap may be used with either the OT3044BP (as shown) 30" Auger Anchor, or the OT3646BP 36" Auger Anchor. Also see Instructions.
Cap - Anchor OTCAP1 $ 5.29
Easy to install; Screws into ground with anchor when you use a ZIP CAP adapter. Saves money; you don't need to stock two types of anchors. Saves space; packaged 8 to a box for easy transport. Better performance; free-floating ZIP CAP doesn't move when anchor pulls vertically. More flexibility; approved for use soil class 2 & 3 with 120004 and soil class 4 with 120019.
Cap - Zip (HP34) HP 120028 $ 6.59
ABS Stabilizer Plate -(FL)
Plate - Stabilizer (OTI) 1055-19 $ 8.21