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Located in Highland Michigan, Mobile Home Depot Inc. is focused on customer satisfaction. Our Parts Department is knowledgeable and well experienced in the mobile/manufactured home industry. Starting in the industry in the late 70s with home transporting/relocation set-up services, then to home repair/service for many years. Now meeting the demand for replacement parts for home owners and contractors alike, with one of the largest selections of after market parts and accessories available on the web.

Shipping Nationwide MHD strives to satisfy the needs of all industry personnel. The website is built and maintained focusing on ease-of-use parts catalog for quick locating and ordering of all your Manufactured Home needs. With competitive retail and wholesale price levels we are able to supply communities, maintenance personnel, set-up crews, refurb crews, service personnel, hardwares, and home owners. Whether you are ordering hundreds of anchors or just that one faucet, we treat all orders as important as the next. Ordering on-line and shipping directly to your door saves time and money, giving you the ability to focus on other tasks.
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