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Select a model to see an illustration of that particular Furnace.
    M1GH Series MGH / MGB Series MGHA & MMHA MGHA & MMHA
    M1GH056 MGH/MGB-045AA  (1st Production MGHA-056
    M1GH070 MGH/MGB-045AB  September 1990) MGHA-066
    M1GH077 MGH/MGB-055AA MGHA-056 MGHA-070
    M1GH090 MGH/MGB-055AB MGHA-066 MGHA-075
    M1GB056 MGH/MGB-065AA MGHA-070 MGHA-090
    M1GB070 MGH/MGB-065AB MGHA-075 MGHA-090PQ
    M1GB077 MGH/MGB-068AA MGHA-090 MMHA-056
    M1GB090 MGH/MGB-068AB MGHA-090PQ MMHA-066
    M1GC056 MGH/MGB-075AA MMHA-056 MMHA-070
    M1GC070 MGH/MGB-075AB MMHA-066 MMHA-075
    M1GC077 MGH/MGB-075AAC MMHA-070 MMHA-090
    M1GD056 MGH/MGB-100AA MMHA-075
    M1GD070 MGH/MGB-100AB MMHA-090
    M1GD070 MGH/MGB-100AAC MMHA-090
    CMF Series MAC Series M1M(*) Series M1S,B(*) Series
    CMF2 -1145 M1MA056 M1SA66
    CMF80 -1155 M1MA070 M1SB86
    CMF100 -1165 M1MB056 M1SC66
-1168 M1MB070 M1SC86
-1175 M1MB077 M1BA66
    AF-15 Becket Oil Burner M1MB090 M1BB86
    Direct Ignition Gas Burner M1MC056 M1BC66
M1MC070 M1BC86
    CMH Series M1MC090 M1S(*) Oil Burner
    CMH M1MD056 M1B(*) Gas Burner
    Blower Package M2,3,7 Series MOC/MGC Series
    901650 M2RC Upflow MOC60
    911030 M2RL Downflow MOC80
M7RL Downflow MOC100
M7TL Downflow MGC60
M3 Series MGC80
    CME "A" Series FE "A" Series FE(-)B Series
    CME-010HA-3 "FEH" HA & HA-C Series FEHB Series
    CME-012HA-3 "FEB" HA & HA-C Series FEBB Series
    CME-015HA-3 "FEY" HA & HA-C Series