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White rosettes for fastening ceiling board. 1" diameter. Center hole for #6 screw.
Rosette - w/Screws (50 Pk) 12-1075 $12.33
Rosette - w/Screws (250 Pk) 12-1076 $40.72
Homax 25 oz. Wall orange peel Spray Texture features an oil-based formula with a 5 minute dry time allowing the user to quickly complete a wall repair. The special formulation is designed to patch a variety of Orange Peel wall textures using the patented adjustable nozzle. Provides an invisible repair and matches the exact texture applied without the use of tools, hopper gun and compressor or calling in a sub. Coverage depends on application: heavy orange peel covers up to 50 sq. ft. medium orange peel covers up to 75 sq. ft.; fine orange peel covers up to 110 sq. ft. Ventilate area well and protect surrounding area. Oil-based formula provides quick drying time for easy application. Suitable for use on drywall. Dries in as little as 5 minutes. Coverage depends on application, heavy orange peel covers up to 50 sq. Ft.; medium orange peel covers up to 75 sq. Ft.; fine orange peel covers up to 110 sq. Ft. Adjustable spray nozzle allows for pattern-size selection from fine to heavy. Orange-peel texture offers a flat sheen.
Texture - Spray (20 oz.) 800244 $28.00
Available for instore pick-up only.
The Homax Products 20 oz. Knockdown Aerosol Texture is designed to patch knockdown- or Mediterranean-type drywall textures. Two spray options offer matching of medium- or heavy-texture patterns. Designed for interior use, the water-based, low-odor formula has an off-white color with an flat sheen. Water-based, low-odor formula. Sprays multiple patterns. Patches knockdown- or mediterranean-type drywall textures. 2-nozzle settings offer matching of medium or heavy texture patterns. Flat sheen. Convenient aerosol application.
Texture - Knockdown (20 oz.) 800245 $37.25
Available for instore pick-up only.
Homax Aerosol Popcorn Ceiling Texture is the fastest way to patch commercially applied popcorn ceiling textures. This aerosol popcorn ceiling texture features a water-based formula with real polystyrene chips and is designed to match commercially-applied popcorn acoustic-ceiling textures. The upright nozzle sprays vertically for convenient application and the texture offers easy water cleanup. To achieve the best results, please read the directions carefully before starting your textured ceiling repair project. Protect carpet, furniture and walls from overspray. (TIP: Pin up plastic drape or hold a box around patch area to contain overspray) Spray in short rapid bursts as material discharges rapidly. Water-based formula contains polystyrene chips, use warm water for clean-up. Use on popcorn-textured acoustic ceilings, eye protection recommended. Dries in 120 minutes, if over-painting, allow to dry 24 hours. 1-container covers up to 2 sq. Ft. Upright nozzle provides a vertical spray, do not spray sideways or upside down, do not clear nozzle or test product by spraying upside down, do not hold nozzle down for more than 1 second. Flat sheen offers a popcorn texture.
Texture - Ceiling (Coarse) 800246 $29.65
Available for instore pick-up only.
The Homax Products 20 oz. Aerosol Spray Texture is a great choice for patching and texturing small rooms and accent walls in occupied areas like schools, offices and health facilities. Designed to patch orange peel and splatter textures, this versatile texture matches fine, medium and coarse textures. The low-odor, water-based formula cleans up easily with soap and water. Water-based, low-odor formula. Patches orange peel and splatter textures. Ideal for use in occupied areas, including schools, offices and health facilities. 20 oz. Can provide coverage for up to 110 sq. Ft. Flat sheen.
Texture - Spray (20 oz.) 800248 $30.38
Available for instore pick-up only.
KILZ Upshot 10-oz. Overhead Stain Stealer Aerosol is designed for use on interior ceiling stains. The sealer features a vertical spray tip to block water, smoke and grease stains. The oil-base formula cleans with paint thinner and it is tinted to match most aged and acoustic ceilings. Oil-based formula is perfect for blocking ceiling stains such as water, smoke and grease. For use on interior stains and surfaces including drywall, plaster, paneling and woodwork. Tinted formula matches most aged and acoustic ceilings. Quick-drying sealer is ready for top coat after 15 minutes. Vertical spray tip allows you to reach ceiling stains. Can be cleaned with paint thinner. Limited warranty.
Kilz - Upshot (10 oz.) 185004 $14.83
Available for instore pick-up only.