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Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer: Displays the temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. Temperature Range: -22° F to 122° F; -30° C to 50° C. Measurements: 7-3/4" (L) x 3-1/2" (W) and has an overall thickness of 1/2" (suction cups included).Easy to Mount: Mounts to any window or glass surface using the (2) included suction cups. Unique Design: Features an RV map design—perfect for RV enthusiasts. Durable Construction: Constructed of durable plastic.
Thermometer - Campsite Design 53366 000306 $ 9.71
Thermometer - RV Map Design 53367 000310 $ 9.71
No more squinting at small numbers and thin columns of the mercury to read the outside temperature. Sturdy flexible plastic dial clings to glass.
Thermometer - KleerTemp KT-7 000305 $10.60
TempMinder’s elegant new Color LCD Electronic Weather Station offers both weather forecast and barometric pressure display with up to three remote sensors! Monitor both temperature and humidity outdoors, in the attic, wine cellar or garage- any remote location around your home or office (up to 327ft/100m). The TempMinder also displays indoor temperature and humidity levels, and has an auto-set atomic clock (five and a half time zones form Pacific to Puerto Rico and Newfoundland). Alarm, snooze, date and moon phases also included. With both AC power and battery back-up, the weather will always be at your fingertips!
Thermometer - Weather Station MRI-823MXC 000996 $53.20
Electro-static material makes the Optix WeatherStation 11 cling to the window, no mounting necessary. Accurate and virtually transparent. The large easy-to-read numbers show both air temperature and humidity level, and can be seen from across the room. Just peel off package and press on window. Easy to move from window to window. Reads both F and C Great for RVs, boats, home or office. 6" x 10-1/2".
Thermometer - Weather Station WS-II 000991 $10.46
Designed for RV and home use, the TempMinder Wireless Thermometer and Clock allows you to receive wireless temperature readings from up to three remote sensors (one sensor included) from up to 165' away. The thermometer also stores minimum and maximum temperatures. Displays temps in Celsius or Fahrenheit. User-selectable 12/24-hour clock. Display operates on two AAA betteries; sensor operates on two AA batteries. Batteries not included.
Thermometer - Wireless TM22259VP 730316 $28.38
Refrigerator thermometer for RV's, helps prevent food spoilage. Easy to install with special adhesive tape. Brackets adjusts to any angle.
Thermometer - Fridge/Freezer 505 010615 $ 7.51