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PIN & CLIP (RV Designer)
Pin & Clip. Zinc Plated Spring Steel/Chromate Steel. 1 per pack.
Pin &Clip - Hitch (5/8") H415 730303 $ 6.79
Pin &Clip - Hitch (1/2") H416 730304 $ 5.90
The Eaz-Lift Receiver Hitch Pin and Clip securely keeps a receiver hitch-mounted accessory in place while towing. It features a 115-degree bend for easy handling and additional security. Includes a clip to keep the receiver hitch pin securely engaged to the trailer hitch and ball mount. Constructed of durable, zinc-plated carbon steel. 5/8" Dia.
Pin - Hitch (4-3/4" Usable L, for 3" Receivers) 48016 48016 $ 5.41
Pin - Hitch (3-7/8" Usable L, for 2-1/2" Receivers) 48017 48017 $ 5.41
Now there is no need for a separate clip to keep the L pin held in place. This pin takes the place of the old L-Pin with cotter pin and clip and replaces it with a new snap down/click design. The snap pin makes it easier to secure your weight distribution bars to the L-Brackets because now all you have to do is engage and release the pin in one simple step. This new design allows the snap L pin to ride slightly above the weight distribution arm, which will provide a quieter performance throughout regular maneuvering and also when you're making slow tight turns. The Snap L-Pin offers the same safety and security as the standard L-Pin, but in a more convenient one piece hardware instead of two pieces. Combining the pin and the clip into one unit means one less thing to worry about while towing. Includes: (2) Equal-i-zer Snap L-pins Per Package. NOTE: The new Snap L-pin is not compatible with the Equal-i-zer Sway Bracket Jackets.
L-Pin - w/Clip (2 Pk) 95-01-9430 710829 $16.69
A convenient way to buy replacement parts for your Equal-i-zer brand hitch. Don't stress over a lost pin or clip. Keep these handy clamshell packages with extra pins and clips on hand just in case.
L-Pin - w/Clip (2 Pk) 95-01-9390 710836 $14.03
Extended length shaft fits Toyota Tundra, Ford F-150/F-250/F-350, GMC/Chevy 2500/3500 and Dodge trucks with heavy duty tow packages. Usable length of receiver pin is 3-1/2". Stainless Steel Barbell lock, fits 5/8" receiver openings. Push to Lock locking mechansim - push lock body onto pin firmly and remove key. Class III/IV; 10,000lb. Load rating. Swivel Head design for easy access. Weather Tough seal protects lock mechanism. K1 Key Blank.
Lock - Hitch Receiver (3-1/2") 1469DAT 702542 $35.01
Pin Clip 5/8" or 1/2". Zinc plated spring steel. 2 per pack.
Pin - Clip (5/8") H404 700122 $ 2.30
Pin - Clip (1/2") H402 700121 $ 2.03