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This is a universal ramp mount that can be used with virtually any unit with a rear ramp. New black shiny powder coat finish. This mount can be used with the ramp in the open or closed position and is designed for the 22' heavy-duty fiberglass pole. This mount has recently been strengthened 50% to handle the most demanding winds when using our 22' flagpole.
Holder - Ramp mount flagpole (White) RM-22 000613 $35.56
Holder - Ramp mount flagpole (Black) RM-22 000614 $23.38
This sleek newly designed mount has a flared top for easy installation and a rounded bottom, which eliminates the need for a cotter pin. This mount attaches to all RV ladders with a 1" vertical frame and is designed to hold the 22' heavy-duty fiberglass flag pole. Fits the deluxe 22' flag pole.
Mount - Flag pole (White) LM-22 000610 $40.78
Mount - Flag pole (Black) LM-22 000611 $43.39
This deluxe flagpole comes equipped with locking pins on the bottom three sections to eliminate the possibility of collapsing. We designed this rigid fiberglass flag pole to handle the most demanding winds found in the desert and sea side locations. The top section is approximately 1" in diameter made to accommodate any electrical wire for any optional flag pole lights and the bottom section is just less than 2" in diameter. It was made to fit snuggly into all our 22' Series mounts without the need for rubber spacers or protective sleeves to make it fit correctly. Comes with four swivel rings (two middle rings) to allow your flag to fly without being tangled. This metallic gray pole collapses down from 22' to 48" for easy storage in your RV. Not only is it easy to store, it only weighs 4 lbs. Included with this flag pole is a shiny 4" chrome ball for the top, and a vinyl flag bag.
Pole - 22' Flag PNH-22 000608 $106.43
A 12" x 18" soft, full-detail cotton printed flag on a wooden staff with a gilded spear. All edges are finished.
Flag - American 45491 000607 $ 3.08