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Built for extreme RV environment.
12 Volt power means no missingor dead batteries to replace.
Micro circuit technology. Saves precious battery power.
Meets RVIA/NFPA requirements.
Listed to UL 1484 RV.  
 Product    Color          Model #          Part #       Price   
 Mini LP Gas Alarm - Surface Mount White 20-441-9-WT 171132 $70.73                      
 Mini LP Gas Alarm - Surface Mount Black 20-441-P-BL 171166 $70.73  
 Classic LP Gas Alarm - Surface Mount   White 30-441-P-WT 171111 $72.47  
 Classic LP Gas Alarm - Surface Mount   Black 30-441-P-BL 171142 $62.06  
 Classic LP Gas Alarm - Flush Mount   White 30-442-P-WT 171109 $72.47  
 Classic LP Gas Alarm - Flush Mount   Brown 30-442-P-BR 171108 $74.55  
 Classic LP Gas Alarm - Flush Mount   Black 30-442-P-BL 171103 $74.55  
 LP Gas Alarm - Surface Mount   White 40-441-P-WT 171124 $82.04  
 LP Gas Alarm - Flush Mount   White 40-442-P-WT 171114 $81.72  
 LP Gas Alarm - Flush Mount   Brown 40-442-P-BR 171118 $67.07  
 LP Gas Alarm - Flush Mount   Black 40-442-P-BL 171165 $85.70  
Horizontal Two Stage Propane Regulator has integral first and second stages that ensure smoother, more consistent flow of gas to all appliances. Its inlet is a female POL tank connection and the outlet is a 3/8" female NPT. The outlet pressure is 11"WC and has a 160,000 BTU/hr capacity. Use 59843 20" Pigtail Propane hose Connectors - ACME x 1/4" male NPT to connect to a 20 lb or 30 lb LP tank with ACME threads.
Regulotor - w/POL 59333 $59.62
The Propane Double-Stage Auto-Changeover Regulator is for RVs with dual propane tank hookups. It maintains a constant gas pressure and automatically changes from the empty tank to the full one. It allows for the removal of the empty cylinder for refill without interrupting the propane supply. The inlet is a 1/4" SAE inverted flare and the outlet is a 3/8" NPT female.
Regulator - Auto changeover 59005 $89.40
The Single Stage Propane Regulator is for connecting a free-standing gas bottle to a grill or other low-pressure gas appliance. It maintains a constant 11" water column propane pressure and is rated for 200,000 BTU/HR. CSA listed.
Regulator - Low pressure 59013 $24.38
P.O.L. Plug Adapter is for use on a 20 lb or 30 lb refillable propane tank to connect the cylinder to a regulator. It has a Soft Nose POL x 1/4" Male NPT and built-in excess flow protection.
Connection - POL 59203 $19.30
5' Propane Supply Hose connects a propane cylinder to any device that has a 1/4" inverted female flare connection. It has an Excess Flow Soft Nose POL x 1/4" Inverted Male Flare.
Hose - Supply (5') 31-1840 59033 $31.09
Pigtail Propane Hose Connector is designed to connect a propane cylinder to an RV or trailer propane regulator. It has a ACME nut x 1/4" inverted male flare. It is rated for 200,000 BTUs per hour. Safety features include thermal protection in case of fire and excess flow protection in case of broken gas line. You can use the pigtail hose with a 20 lb or 30 lb refillable propane tank and connect it to a regulator or 4-Port Brass Tee. It can also be used to connect to an installed 4-Port Tee as an auxiliary propane supply.
Pigtail - Propane (12") 59053 $19.75
Pigtail - Propane (15") 59065 $21.35
Pigtail - Propane (20") 59073 $23.07
Pigtail - Propane (24") 59153 $23.32
Pigtail - Propane (30") 59163 $25.11
Pigtail - Propane (36") 59173 $26.67
Pigtail - Propane (48") 59183 $29.48
Pigtail - Propane (60") 59193 $35.55
RV Propane Tank Cover protects your propane gas tank from flying road debris. It fits 20 lb. or 30 lb. steel double tanks. Simple to use, the cover slips over your propane tank for a safe, secure fit. It provides easy access to gas valves and changeover valves via a hinged access panel. This durable tank cover is constructed of a heavy-duty, UV-stabilized polymer that protects against sun damage. The cover measures 25 ½-inches (H) x 30-inches (W) x 15-inches (D). Patented. (Will not fit 30 lb aluminum tabks)
Cover - Colonial White 40532 $64.70
Cover - Polar White 40542 $62.90
Cover - Bronze 40530 $64.70
Cover - Champagne 40531 $64.70
Cover - Black 40539 $62.90
LP BOTTLE RACK  (Stromberg Carlson)
This Bottle Rack by Stromberg is designed to safely hold your 20 lb LP tanks. Wall mounting. Steel design. 20lb tank capacity. Interior or exterior mount.
Rack - Single LP tank 2020-JR $29.75
RV Camloc Fasteners replace broken door latches quickly and easily. The camloc replaces the water heater door latch assembly or gas bottle cover access door latch.
Cam Lock - Plastic (2 Pk) 09203 $ 5.78
Cam Lock - Steel (2 Pk) 09213 $ 5.63
Cam Lock - Stainless Steel (2 Pk) 09214 $ 7.72