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Lippert Components' Flow Max water pump delivers a steady flow of water to your RV. Compared to other water pumps on the market, Flow Max delivers superior pressure performance, averaging 45 PSI with an average 3.3 gallons per minute water flow. This is especially important on larger RVs that have extended plumbing running between the source point and the pump. Flow Max also features the quiet, disturbance-free operation campers need. Seeing is believing! Flow Max offers superior performance all at a price below similar products on the market today. Includes strainer and connectors.
Pump - Flo-Max water (12V) 680589 $102.99
Pump - Flo-Max water (115V) 680252 $185.81
Clean, clear economical strainers eliminate unnecessary repairs by keeping debris and other particlesout of the pump. Screws directly on the pumphead. Transparent design shows when its time to clean the bowl. Easy disassembly, cleaning and reassembly.
Strainer - (1/2" NPSM-M Pipe Inlet - 1/2" NPSM-F Outlet) 255-313 681565 $13.76
Strainer - (1/2" Barb Inlet - 1/2" NPSM-F Outlet) 255-323 681566 $14.20