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The digitally accurate voltmeter displays the voltage, in addition the LED color will change indicating good or bad voltage. Green light means the voltage is in an acceptable range. Red light means the voltage is either too high or too low for your appliances.
Voltmeter - Digital Dual color DVMDUAL 220467 $21.69
Tests standard receptacles to ensure proper wiring. Neon indicators give positive indication of circuit status. Compact unit simply plugs into any standard 3-wire/grounded receptacle (110 - 125 VAC circuits). Tests for six circuit conditions: open ground, open neutral, open hot, hot/ground reverse, hot/neutral reverse, and correct wiring. Succession of yellow and red lights provides indication of circuit status or specifies wiring errors. Three easy-to-read views – top, side and bottom. TESTS: Standard outlets, Extension cords
Tester - Outlet (120 VAC) GRT-3500 823050 $13.26
120V RV AC Line Voltage Meter is designed to plug into any 120V residential wall receptacle and provides a continuous, accurate reading of your AC line voltage. The meter can be left permanently plugged in and helps prevent costly appliance repair bills by warning against "brown-out" conditions. It is ideal for use on boats, RV air conditioners, generators, computers and campgrounds. This product features a simple to read colored scale. The green zone on the scale indicates proper levels; if the meter reads in either red zone, voltage sensitive appliances should be turned off to protect against damage. Please note that the acceptable voltage operation range varies with the appliance type/manufacturer and you should consult with the appliance manufacturer for the recommended voltage range.
Meter - Voltage 55263 220306 $25.87
The PowerGrip RV 30-Amp Circuit Analyzer Adapter with Integrated Surge Protection and Fault Indication helps protect your RV from power surges. Diagnostic LEDs indicate wiring faults when you connect your electrical cord to the power pedestal. The circuit analyzer indicates faults for reverse polarity, open neutral and other wiring issues. Includes integrated surge protection of up to 1,050 Joules. 30-Amp male (NEMA TT-30P)/30-Amp female (NEMA TT-30R). Does not protect against sustained high or low voltages. Patented.
Analyzer - 30 AMP Circuit 55310 220166 $68.05