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Triple-fold pouch tops with hook-and -loop closure and handy strap keep the water out so your valuables stay dry. Three sizes to accommodate everything from cell phones and keys to books and maps. 10.5 × 13.5, 6.75 × 10 and 4.75 × 7 inches.
Pouch - Waterproof (Set of 3) 51340 51340 $10.68
Quick and safe way to start fires. Burn completely without odor. Non-toxic and waterproof. Easy to carry and store. Each fire starter stick measures 5" long by 1/2" wide.
Starters - Fire (12 Pack) 51017 000515 $ 2.48
Foldable Camp Shovel allows easy digging and can be used as a saw. It is ideal for gardening, camping, hiking and other outdoor activities. The shovel features a steel blade with serrated edge and a locking collar. When extended, the shovel measures 23" long and folds to a compact 9-1/2" for easy portability. Product includes a convenient storage pouch.
Shovel - Foldable camp (w/Pouch) 51017 51075 $16.01
Don’t get lost while camping! Use this handy compass to find your position using a map and three landmarks. Durable compass housing Built-in sight wire. Thumb loop for secure grip. Lens bracket for magnifying dial. Attractive gold details.
Compass - Lensatic 51362 51362 $ 5.41
The Solar Camp Shower helps you keep clean, even when you’re miles from the nearest shower. Simply fill the Solar Camp Shower up with clean water and let the black bag warm in the sun. Hang the bag from the nearest tree and let gravity do the work. Simply swivel the on/off valve to control the water flow. Non-toxic, UV-resistant PVC material. Integrated handle for hanging. 5-gallon capacity.
Shower - Camp 51368 51368 $11.42
The Mosquito Net is an important addition to your campsite. Keep your sleep mosquito-free underneath this net. It has attached strings for hanging and fine mesh that keeps most bugs out. The dark green color won’t stand out in wooded areas, and the included storage bag makes it easy to pack and take anywhere.
Net - Mosquito 51366 51366 $20.79
Camco’s Bucket Toilet Seat transforms most standard 5-gallon buckets into a portable toilet. Easy to attach, the seat snaps securely onto the rim of your bucket. Perfect for camping, hunting and other remote activities. Includes (3) bucket bags. Made out of durable polypropylene. Compatible with most 5-gallon buckets
Seat - Toilet 41546 41546 $17.32
Camco’s Toilet Bucket Bags are designed to line the inside of most 5-gallon toilet buckets—perfect for use with Camco’s Bucket Toilet Seat. They help maintain the cleanliness of your bucket toilet and feature an absorbent gel that converts liquids to solids for easy disposal. Perfect for camping, hunting and other remote activities. (3) bucket bags per pack. Compatible with most 5-gallon buckets.
Bag - Toilet 41547 41547 $13.35
Grandpa Gus's All Natural Tick Repellent stops ticks on humans and dogs; is made with natural plant oils-safe on skin; sprays on skin, protects for hours; water-based, no oil feel; perfect size for pocket, back pack or glove box. Made in the USA.
Repellent - Tick (4 oz.)(Instore pick-up only) GTK-4-12 501215 $ 7.99
Pickers - Tick (2 Pk) TPK-2-12 501218 $ 4.68 $ 4.00