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• What type of anchors should I use to secure my home ?

Anchoring/Tiedown requirements are usually governed by your local township/city inspectors. Its always a good idea to check with them first to see what the local requirements/codes are. There are several other factors to be taken into consideration, the area in which your home is in (wind zone), the age of your home, and what type of material you are securing to (cement, ashfault, etc.). If anchoring directly to the ground, the type of soil condition is also a factor (sand, clay, gravel, coral, etc.). Its also a good idea to check with the home manufacturer for any specific anchoring requirements.

• Can I get replacement ceiling panels for my home ?

Unfortunatly many of the aftermarket replacement panels have been discontinued. The size (4' x 13'-6") was ideal to replace a ceiling panel (in a single section home), but the material combined with the size made them very bulky and extremly fragile (difficult to stock). There are some manufacturers still producing a similar panel, Okaply Manufacturing is one. Other methods that are becoming popular is drop ceilings or drywall (but as thin as possible because of weight factors).

• Is it possible to get a printed (paper) copy of our parts catalog ?

Due to the size of our catalog, printing and distribution is no longer beneficial. By the time we would receive the proof copy from the printer (approx. 6" thick) prices and availability of products had changed. The best way to see the most current and up-to-date information is viewing the on-line catalog.

• Can you drop ship products ?

Yes, we do have a drop ship program. We can drop ship items directly to your customers with no paper work (invoices/receipts) included in the package.

• On exhaust fan motors - What does the different CFMs refer to ?

CFM refers to the method of measuring the volume of air moving through a ventilation system or other space, also known as "Cubic Feet per Minute." This is a standard unit of measurement found in many forms of ventilation.

• On the Storm Doors - Is it possible to get the screen at the top ?

We get asked this often, and to this point the door manufactures do not give us that option.

• The search bar does not display the results I am looking for ?

Try this search bar to search by product page instead of by product number: