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Eaz-lift Elite Weight Distributing Hitch Kit allows you to save time with pre-installed components. It includes a round bar weight distributing hitch, sway control and hitch ball. The 2-5/16" hitch ball and sway control ball are pre-installed and torqued to specification on the hitch head. The U-bolts and chain package are pre-installed on the spring bars. Mounting hardware is also included. It has a maximum tongue weight capacity of 600, 800, 1000, 1200 lbs.
Hitch - Weight Distribution ( 600 LB) 48056 711506 $424.08
Hitch - Weight Distribution ( 800 LB) 48057 48057 $397.05
Hitch - Weight Distribution (1000 LB) 48058 711509 $268.77
Hitch - Weight Distribution (1200 LB) 48069 711507 $280.58
(Adjustable Ball Mount w/Shank)
Eaz-Lift Elite Bent Bar Weight Distributing Hitch with Ball Mount and Shank is the first patented weight distributing system in North America. It is designed with fewer parts, machine tapered round spring steel bars, and forged longer for a smoother ride with interchangeable bars that have positive latching action for operation. This hitch comes with all necessary parts including hook-up brackets, spring bars, chains, ball mount, shank and hitch pin, clip and bolt package for adjustable hitches.
Hitch - Weight Distribution ( 600 LB) 48051 48051 $410.53
Hitch - Weight Distribution ( 800 LB) 48052 48052 $410.53
Hitch - Weight Distribution (1000 LB) 48053 48053 $410.53
Hitch - Weight Distribution (1200 LB) 48059 48059 $410.53
Now there is no need for a separate clip to keep the L pin held in place. This pin takes the place of the old L-Pin with cotter pin and clip and replaces it with a new snap down/click design. The snap pin makes it easier to secure your weight distribution bars to the L-Brackets because now all you have to do is engage and release the pin in one simple step. This new design allows the snap L pin to ride slightly above the weight distribution arm, which will provide a quieter performance throughout regular maneuvering and also when you're making slow tight turns. The Snap L-Pin offers the same safety and security as the standard L-Pin, but in a more convenient one piece hardware instead of two pieces. Combining the pin and the clip into one unit means one less thing to worry about while towing. Includes: (2) Equal-i-zer Snap L-pins Per Package. NOTE: The new Snap L-pin is not compatible with the Equal-i-zer Sway Bracket Jackets.
L-Pin - w/Clip (2 Pk) 95-01-9430 710829 $16.69
A convenient way to buy replacement parts for your Equal-i-zer brand hitch. Don't stress over a lost pin or clip. Keep these handy clamshell packages with extra pins and clips on hand just in case.
L-Pin - w/Clip (2 Pk) 95-01-9390 710836 $14.03