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To measure the storm door simply measure the door itself, Width and Height. (If the door is missing measure the inside of the existing frame).

Standard Mounting Frame (U-shaped)
You then add an inch to each side and an inch to the top. For example: 
32" wide (add 1" to each side = 34" door)
75" high (add 1" to the top = 76" door)

This would be a 34" x 76" door

You should then be able to locate your door size on the door chart.

Residential (Flush) Mount Frame (L-shaped) Measure the inside dimensions of the brickmold. Add 2 inches. This is the call size for the width. Measure the inside height dimension of the brickmold all the way to the bottom of the brickmold. Add 1/8". This is the call size of the height of the storm door.