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RV Wheel Chock is designed to keep your trailer in place and allows you to re-hitch with confidence. It fits tires up to 26". The wheel chock is constructed of durable, hard plastic with UV inhibitors. Made in the USA.
Chock - Wheel 30-1860 44412 $ 5.36
(Stromberg Carlson)
Stromberg Carlson’s Trucker-Style Wheel Chock is tough enough to hold even large motor coach tires in place! Molded EPDM rubber will not split, shred, crack or break. Resistant to UV, water, mold and corrosion. Provides reliable support for your RV – on any surface. Easy to clean and store. Sold individually. 2-Year warranty. Made in the USA!
Chock - Trucker-style Wheel JBP-C256 $21.08
RV Standard Level can be mounted with screws or adhesive, and provides front-to-back or side-to-side leveling. Pack of 2.
Level - Standard (2 Pk) 25523 $ 3.49
RV T Level can be mounted with screws or adhesive, and provides front-to-back or side-to-side leveling. Measures 1.625" W x 2.25" H x 0.56" D
Level - T Level 25543 $ 4.00
RV Bullseye Level is a round domed level that reads 360° at once.
Level - Bullseye 25573 $ 3.60
Olympian RV Aluminum Stack Jack Stands are designed to get secure and level RV positioning and stability. It is made from cast aluminum and can support up to 6000 lbs. These Jack Stands extend up to 17" and are easy to use. Cast aluminum. Adjustable from 11" - 17".
Jack - Stabilizing (2 Pk) 44561 $34.51
Jack - Stabilizing (4 Pk) 44560 $58.57
BASE PAD EXTREME  (Stromberg Carlson)
Stromberg Base Pad Extreme improves stability of your parked and leveled RV. Boasting a muted slate gray color that blends in better than competitor’s pads and a lower profile to fit under smaller units as well as units with a higher clearance, you won’t be disappointed! 6000 lbs capacity, 3500 lbs when two are stacked. Side panel finger hole for ease of carrying and retrieving. No magnet that falls out – unlike competitors. Dimensions: 10” across top, 12” across bottom, 7” tall, or 12-3/8” stacked. Can be used with 1” or 2” thick Base Pads on soft surfaces – like hot asphalt or sand. Lightweight poly-carbonate materials – like bulletproof glass. Available in 1, 2, 4 and 6-packs. Made in the USA!
Pad - Extreme base (1 Pk) JBP-712.1 $  38.59
Pad - Extreme base (2 Pk) JBP-712.2 $  75.14
Pad - Extreme base (4 Pk) JBP-712.4 $146.88
Pad - Extreme base (6 Pk) JBP-712.6 $209.61
BASE PADS  (Stromberg Carlson)
Stromberg Carlson Base Pads work great on Class A, Fifth Wheel and Travel Trailer leveling and stabilizing systems. A plastic pad is one tree root or rock away from failure. Our pad is molded rubber, which means it has memory to return to shape after each use. Can be used on landing gear feet, scissor jack bases and tongue jacks. Molded EPDM rubber will not split, shred, crack or break (evenly loaded, up to 30,000 lbs). Resistant to UV, water, mold and corrosion. Provides reliable support for your RV – on any surface. Easy to clean and store. Interlock Base Pads to ramp up to level. 2-Year warranty. Made in the USA!
Pad - (10" x 11" x 1") 2 Pk JBP-1011.1 $48.96
Pad - (12" x 14" x 1") 2 Pk JBP-1214.1 $57.80
Pad - (12" x 14" x 2") 1 Pk JBP-1214.2 $38.59
Pad - (6" x 9" x .625") 4 Pk JBP-69.625 $22.78
(Stromberg Carlson)
RVs move from site to site chasing the camper’s dream. But once parked, firm up your tandem axle living quarters with Stromberg Carlson T-Chocks. Pressure applied against each axle locks your tires in place and stabilizes the floor of your coach. Fits tires spaced 2″-17″ apart. Rust-resistant coating. Handle included on all models.
T-Chock - Tandem (Single Pack) JBP-T217.1 $52.53
T-Chock - Tandem (Double Pack) JBP-T217.2 $95.54
Wrench - Replacement JBP-T217.W $12.24
RV Wheel Chock with Rope is designed to keep your trailer in place so that you can re-hitch with confidence. It is constructed of durable hard plastic with UV inhibitors giving you years of use. The included rope makes removing the chock from the wheel safe and easy. Designed to be used on tires up to 26”. Not for commercial use or with heavy commercial type trucks or trailers
Chock - Wheel 44472 $ 5.75
Heavy duty blocks are safe and easy to use. They offer many options for leveling single wheels, dual wheels, hydraulic jacks, tongue jacks, stabilizer jacks, 5th wheel jacks and tandem axles. Customize your levels: Stack interlocking blocks to desired height. Strong and durable blocks are available in a ten-block set and a four-block build-up set. Patented. Each set comes in a convenient storage bag with handle. Solid bottom to help keep them from sinking in soft ground. Measures 8.5” x 8.5” x 1”.
Blocks - Leveling (10 Pack) 44505 $47.74
RV Stabilizing Jack Pads help prevent jacks from sinking into the ground. They are compatible with stack jacks, fifth wheel stabilizers, swing down stabilizers and awning arms. Not intended for use with hydraulic jacks. Each pad features 6-1/2" x 6-1/2" of usable surface area. For convenient storage, they interlock and include a handy strap. Constructed of heavy-duty, UV stabilized polypropylene. Includes a set of (4) pads. Made in the USA.
Pads - Stabilizer jack (4 Pack) 44595 $19.50
RV 5th Wheel Stabilizer adds great stability to the front of your 5th wheel. It is for use with 5th wheels whose coaches have a king pin height of 38-1/2" to 53". It features a tripod construction for easy set-up and concave pads for multiple heights. Major height adjustments are made by simply moving the adjustable foot pads inward or outward; minor adjustments are made at the screw level with the provided stabilizing adjusting lever. The 5th wheel stabilizer comes fully assembled and has a steel tube construction with chrome chain. It folds down for easy storage and has a certified 5000 lb. load capacity.
Stabilizer - King pin 48855 $137.14
The Eaz-Lift Gooseneck Stabilizer helps reduce movement on your horse trailer, gooseneck trailer or 5th wheel that has a gooseneck adapter installed. It hooks up to the gooseneck and adjusts in height from 30-44". The Gooseneck Stabilizer features a heavy duty steel construction and is powder-coated for maximum rust protection. It also has durable zinc-plated chain and large footpads for added stability. The ball size is 2-5/16". Maximum load capacity is 7500 lb. Not compatible with vehicles equipped with Anderson Ultimate hitches.
Stabilizer - Gooseneck 48850 $137.14
Camco's Scissor Jack Drill Socket reduces the time and effort it takes to raise and lower your RV scissor jacks. The adapter fits 3/8" or 1/2" power drills and works with all 3/4" hex drive jacks.
Socket - Scissor jack drill (3/4") 57363 $ 7.92