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RV Fridge Braces keep your food from sliding in the RV refrigerator as your traveling down the road. They help keep cartons upright to reduce the risk of messy spills. They easily and securely attach to your refrigerator’s wire shelves. Comes in a pack of two.
Brace - Fridge (2 Pack) 44033 $ 6.17
RV Refrigerator Door Stay props your refrigerator door open during storage. It improves air circulation and helps prevent mold and odor build-up. Includes (1) bar stay and (2) suction cups that attach to each end. The bar stay measures approximately 12-inches long and is made of durable plastic. Color: white.
Stay - Refrigerator door 45641 $ 5.37
The Fridge Door Block holds your fridge and freezer door open during storage to promote airflow and prevent mildew and odors, and also prevents the door from swinging open if your RV or trailer is uneven. The unique drawstring design adjusts to accommodate doors thick and thin. A high strength neodymium magnet attaches to the inside of the fridge to hold the block in place, and the drawstring can tighten to the thickness of the door, holding the door open but preventing it from opening further. When you’re not using the Fridge Door Block, stick it to the outside of your refrigerator so that you don’t lose it.
Block - Fridge door 44105 $ 7.26
RV Double Refrigerator Bar is designed to keep order in your RV refrigerator during travel. It is spring loaded to keep items in place. This refrigerator bar extends from 16 to 28". Keep order in the RV refrigerator and cupboards during travel. Double bar for extra protection. White.
Bar - Fridge double 44073 $ 7.89
Wasps, mud daubers and rodents pose a serious threat to the refrigerator on your RV. They can enter through the vents and cause serious damage by building nests that interfere with air flow. (Model RS 600) Flying Insect RV Refrigerator Screen fits Dometic refrigerator vents which have 20” long louver openings. These easy to install screens will help ensure that your vents stay free from costly invasion by unwanted pests. Includes (3) screens measuring 20" x 1-1/2". Heavy-duty stainless steel mesh cover
Screen - Fridge insect (3 Pack) 42149 $15.56