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Camco RV Mini Dish Drainer and Tray fits RV sinks, and is sized just right for limited counter space. Sloped drainer tray keeps counters dry. Drain tray snaps on top of rack for handy storage. Durable heavy-duty construction.
Drainer & Tray - Mini dish (White) 43511 $ 9.30
Drainer & Tray - Mini dish (Black) 43512 $ 9.30
The Sink Kit makes doing dishes in your boat or RV a breeze. The dish drainer can hold full sized plates, cups and utensils for up to six people. The sloped tray helps excess water run off into your sink and doubles as a lid. The dish pan and sink mat all nest together with the dish drainer for compact storage. Perfect for galley sinks and limited counter space.
Sink Kit - RV/Marine (White) 43517 $21.28
Sink Kit - RV/Marine (Black) 43518 $21.28
Cushion and protect glassware and dishes with Camco's RV & Marine Sink Mat. This Mat's small size is specifically engineered for RV & Marine sinks. Includes multiple drain holes to allow water to flow freely through mat. Made from mildew resistant vinyl.
Mat - Sink (White) 43720 $ 6.43
Mat - Sink (Black) 43721 $ 6.43
Red Tablecloth Claps help keep tablecloths in place. They fit tables from .5-inch to 2-inches thick. Each clamp measures 2.75-inches (L) x 2.75-inches (W) x .5-inch (D). The clamps are constructed of durable polypropylene and are UV-stabilized for a long life. Includes (4) clamps per set.
Clamps - Tablecloth (4 Pack) 44003 $ 1.82
RV 1' x 12' Slip Stop keeps everything safe and secure by preventing slipping and sliding. Washable, easily trimmed material works in tool boxes, rugs, van floors, shelves, dash boards or anywhere things slide around or rattle in your RV. Use as a liner between plates, cups and appliances.
Slip Stop - Cream (1' x 12') 43277 $ 5.15
Slip Stop - Slate Blue (1' x 12') 43278 $ 5.15
RV Adjustable Cutlery Tray organizes and stores your kitchen flatware. It is sized to fit into RV drawers and is perfect for apartments & small homes. The tray slides out from both sides for an easy, custom fit. It adjusts from 9-inches to 13-inches x 1.75-inches tall. Constructed of durable plastic.
Tray - Cutlery (Black) 43504 $15.76
Tray - Slate Blue (White) 43503 $15.33
RV Adjustable Broom and Dustpan goes from a full size broom and telescopes down to store compactly. Soft-bristled head adjusts to different angles for maximum cleaning power. Handle length is adjustable, too! Handy dustpan clips onto broom handle for storage.
Broom & Dustpan - RV 43623 $18.02
The Pop-A-Toothbrush is designed to protect and store the toothbrushes with easily-installed holder that guards against dust and germs. Its cover opens automatically when toothbrush is pulled forward and is vented for quick drying as well as features a double-sided tape allows for permanent mounting.
Holder - Toothbrush (2 Brush, Black) 57202 $ 4.35
Holder - Toothbrush (2 Brush, White) 57203 $ 4.35
Holder - Toothbrush (4 Brush, White) 57204 $ 5.53
Holder - Toothbrush (4 Brush, Black) 57207 $ 5.53
12 egg carrier is clean, compact and made of an unbreakable material. It allows you to safely and securely carry up to 12 eggs and helps prevent them from breaking during transport. Built in handle makes it easy to carry.
Holder - Egg (12 Eggs) 51015 $ 3.60