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Home / Exterior /R-cotec Instructions
* Install expansion channel with screws or nails (fasteners not included) on the bottom perimeter of the home. Plum down to grade.

* Make a trench, minimum 3"-6" deep, around entire perimeter of the house. (Trench may be deeper to avoid cutting panels.)

* Place the bottom mortar joint of the panel and the joining & support channel into the base channel. Line up panels with the joining & support channels and fill the trench as you go from both sides.

* Access panels are installed in the most convenient place for you by following the above illustration. Base channel must lay on top surface of the ground and fasten on each side to the access panel post.

* Install corner plate, using dry wall screws (not included) through the brick face not the mortar joint. DO NOT over tighten screws.

* Louver/vent openings can be cut out with a carbide tipped saw.